Online ordering is a breeze, and the fact that I can go away and not pay for unused vegs, as with other CSAs, makes a welcome difference. Nice that they offer Individual Shares, (just enough for two) and can get a 4-week discount. Enjoy the variety of specials - mushroom selection is awesome! Honey is the best I've found, not too cloying and syrupy. Things like Stinging Nettles and Fiddlehead Ferns in the spring are an incredible gourmet adventure.
- Linda Kallal

It’s like love in a box!
- Kelly L. (out-of-towner who buys for a local friend)

My husband and I are absolutely loving it.  The produce, eggs and meat have all been incredible!
-Meghan G.

How it Works

1. You order online

Use our easy sign up process to shop online and place your order. Orders must be completed before 10:00 a.m. each Monday. Not sure you made the deadline? Check your Confirmation Email for your pickup date to be sure.

2. Your order is collected from local and regional producers

Immediately following the order deadline, we submit orders to producer partners and they harvest and package orders to deliver to us the following day; Tuesdays is receiving day.

3. Your order is prepared

On Wednesdays we gather and organize individual orders for the separate pickup locations.

4. Goodie day! Pick up your order or have it delivered

Our volunteer crew and Cascade Couriers help us deliver orders to all regional pickup locations on Wednesday afternoons. Home and group deliveries also go out on Wednesday afternoons/evenings. For the pickup locations, you show up, tell us your name, then we hand you your goodies! We recommend bringing your own reusable bags but we have extras on hand if need be.


Delivery IN BEND CITY LIMITS ONLY is available to your home, business, or other location for an additional $8. Contact us if you live outside this area but would still love to get food delivered to your home; we are always interested in brainstorming how to get farm fresh food to everyone who desires it! We generally do deliveries on Wednesday, mid-late afternoon/early evening. If you won't be home during the delivery time, please set a cooler outside so that your order will stay fresh. Once the order is delivered, it is members' responsibility to maintain its freshness.

5. Enjoy!

Get home, unpack your treats, and celebrate with fresh, local, organic fare! AC has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if, for whatever reason, you're not enjoying your goods, please let us know! Please also familiarize with our Return Policy.


When working with local, organic, small farms and processors, things like weather and unpredictable demand can have an extreme influence. For example, hours of daylight affects the number of eggs that pastured hens lay; temperature and moisture affect the speed of wild mushroom propagation; summer hail storms affect open-air crop production, and much more. In the event that a product becomes unavailable we will do our best to notify you ahead of time. For produce box ingredients, we will make a comparable substitute. For a la carte orders, you will be refunded. When we learn of produce box changes, Ag Connections will post an announcement on our Facebook page and we will alert members at the time of pickup or delivery. In any case, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this causes.


If you still have questions about the services, products, or about us, please see the FAQ pages.